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Born in LagosĀ Nigeria to Ghanaian parents Isaac which is styled Izzik grew up in Ikoyi where he also attended his secondary education at the Ikoyi Government school, he was involved in athletics and football before developing his love for music, arts and fashion as a teenager. The young artist started his career by rapping in a teenage group in church and high school before official being introduced to music properly and recording time by his elder brother and Founder of Bunna Empire Drexxx, going ot record so many remixes and cover songs Izzik released his first debut single Normal Dreams with a video which made waves for a bit before releasing a short EP titled Escape plan with the leading single We Alright talking about his current state.Ā 

With Plans to dominate your music airwaves this 2020 Izzik is set to drop his Debut EP and a mixtape which is compilation of his old sounds before finding his soul in musicĀ 

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